Global Working Council

Terms of Reference for Global Working Council (GWC)

  1. To ensure compliance to the operating principles of the society.
  2. To oversee all the activities of all standing committees.
  3. To determine all events to be organized by the society.
  4. Shall be responsible for formulating policies that will enhance the smooth running of the society.
  5. To prepare the overall annual report from submissions by various standing committees and present this at the annual general meeting.
  6. To plan the annual conference of the society.

Membership of Global Working Council (GWC 2012 - 2016)

  1. Prof. Adebayo Otitoloju             President
  2. Miss Debola Bawa-Allah         General Secretary
  3. Prof. Olusola Ogunwenmo     Vice President
  4. Dr E.O. Oyewo                           Member
  5. Mrs Funmilayo Doherty            Member
  6. Mr Nnamdi Amaeze                  Member
  7. Mrs Temitope Sogbanmu       Member
  8. Mrs Idowu Aneyo                      Treasurer
  9. Mr Germaine Ogunwole          Director, ICT
  10. Dr Fidelia Osuala                     Member
  11. Mr Emeka Allwell Ekpendu     Member
  12. Mrs Rolake Judo                       Director, Public Relations


Membership of Global Working Council (GWC 2015 - DATE)

  1. Prof. Adebayo Otitoloju            Founder
  2. Dr. Mrs Funmilayo Doherty     President
  3. Dr.Nnamdi Amaeze                  Vice President
  4. Mr. Wale Folarin                       Secretary
  5. Mrs Idowu Aneyo                      Treasurer
  6. Mr. Fouad Adetoro                    Director of Public Relations
  7. Mr Germaine Ogunwole          Director, ICT
  8. Miss Debola Bawa-Allah         Member
  9. Prof. Olusola Ogunwenmo      Member
  10. Dr E.O. Oyewo                           Member
  11. Mrs Temitope Sogbanmu        Member
  12. Dr Fidelia Osuala                      Member


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