SETPOM- Code of Ethics

SETPOMCode of Ethics

Members of SETPOMshould make every effort within our sphere of influence to enhance, respect, and restore the life-sustaining integrity  for all living things.
The Code applies to the activities of all SETPOMmembership, i.e.,Student, Associate ,  Full , Fellows, Chartered Environmentalist and Corporate bodies (herein, referred to simply as Members), and contains important principles relating to the duties of Members to the public and to other Members of the Society.

Ethical Standards

  1. Conduct themselves responsibly, objectively, lawfully and in a non-discriminatory manner.

  2. Respect the rights, interests, and contributions of professional colleagues.

  3. Respect intellectual property and provide appropriate attribution for all intellectual property arising elsewhere.

  4. Conduct research and related activities so as to avoid or minimize adverse environmental effects of that research, and ensure compliance with legal requirements for protection of researchers, human subjects, and research organisms and systems.

  5. Seek constant improvement in our knowledge, abilities, and skills; in our educational institutions; and in our professional practice and organizations.

  6. Encourage research, planning, design, management and review of activities in a scientifically and technically objective manner.  

  7. To use the best principles of environmental science, health, safety, and technology in planning and management to protect and enhance environmental quality.

  8. Actively engage in shaping decisions, attitudes, and values that support public health and welfare, environmental respect, and landscape regeneration.


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